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Early Morning Ramblings

It's about one in the morning now, and I can't get to sleep. Fortunately, I dont' have anything to do tomorrow , so I won't be stumbling around by a zombie all morning. Perhaps because it's early morning my decision making is a little impaired, because I am about to do something that normally I would never do, and that will earn me a lot of criticism if anyone actually reads this. I will attempt to rank the top 5 QBs in the NFL today.

As a quick note, Tom Brady will not be on this list. Personally, I do think that he is the number one quarterback in the NFL today, but I have left him off because he did not play all of last season, and it would be unfair of me to put him on with the assumption that he can play like he did in the 2007 season. Also, Brett Favre is not on this list. If I were to make a list of the top 10 QBs of all time, he would probably be on that one, but this is a list of how well they play now, or at least how well they played last season. It is a list of talent, and I have tried to account for differences in receiving talent, offensive line ability, and running game. Ultimately, this list is flawed by teh fact that I made it, and I am human.

1. Peyton Manning-Much as I personally despise Peyton Manning, I cannot deny that he is an exceptional quarterback. I can claim that he is a loser in the post-season, and I would be right. I could claim that he has played with exceptional talent surrounding him, adn I would be right. But what I could not claim and be right about is that he is not a huge reason why the Colts are one of the most successful franchises of the past decade. If I were to build the perfect quarterback, he would have the physical tools of Peyton Manning. In arm strength, accuracy, vision, and play-calling he is nearly unmatched in today's league.

2. Drew Brees-5000 yards and 34 TDs. That is my primary defense in giving him the number two spot on this list. Those numbers are phenomenal, and deserved consideration for the MVP award last season. Plus, in seasons where he has started 12 or more games, he averages 27.8 TDs per season, and over 4000 yards. Those are scary good. Keep in mind, this is not a team that scares defenses with the running game. Teams went onto the field last season knowing that Drew Brees was going to throw the ball at them, they prepared for it, and he did it anyway. Plus, he did it without Marques Colston, much of the time.

3. Philip Rivers-If anyone reads this, then I will probably take some heat for this pick. But here's my reason, he had over 4000 yards and 34 TDs with the top passer rating in the league last season for a team that he carried into the playoffs. A team that was supposed to have had one of the top defenses, and the top running game, in the NFL, but didn't .And t hemost impressive seaosn was that, when everyone believed that the Chargers were doomed, he didn't. No matter how bad it looked, he stayed a mouthy son of a gun, who went out and made plays that no one else could have. He isn't fast but he moved to make throws. He doesnt' ahve great arm strength but he zipped the ball into his receivers' hands when he had to. He has the best vision of any QB his age, better than Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning.

4. Kurt Warner-He deserves a spot in the top 5 more than any other QB I can name, if only for the story of his career. He cam out of college, got cut from teh Packers in training camp, spent a couple years bagging groceries for $5.50 an hour, and moved to the Arena League, where he was one of the best players, before being picked up by the Rams. Then he was sent to Europe to play there, where he led the league in pretty much every passing category, while starting in front of Jake Delhomme. he came back to St. Louis to be the back-up QB to Trent Green, then got moved up to start when Green went down with injury. He then directed the Greatest Show on Turf to a Super Bowl win, after throwing for over 4000 yards and 41 TDs, one of the greatest seasons in NFL history, MVP and Super Bowl MVP. He reprised his role as the passing leader in 2001. After several seasons of not much, he came back in the past two seasons, throwing for ridiculously great numbers and leading the Cardinals to their first Natinal Championship since Harry Truman was president. A Hall of Fame Worthy career. Not to mention that he is an all-round exemplary human being.

5. Jay Cutler-He woudl not be on here if I were looking at the winningest QBs. Quite frankly, I think there is just one reason why Jay Cutler has not posted a winnign season since he was 12 years old (slight exaggeration, possibly). It's becasue he's a loser. It's just part of who he is. Maybe I will be proven wrong this year, but I doubt it. However, it is impossible to deny Jay Cutler's physical gifts and his numbers. He has a rocket arm, great mobility, and solid field vision. He puts up fantastic passing numbers. If he knew how to win games, he would be higher on this list.

Honorable Mentions: Tony Romo would have been on this list if he had played all of last season. A case could be made for Ben Roethlisberger but I wouldn't listen if someone tried, because I think that he is the product of a system, and his 17 TDs and 14 INTs last season help my case. Eli Manning and Donovan McNabb were both serously considered, and would be on a list of top 10.
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Posted on: February 2, 2009 7:56 pm

How to Save America

Since the beginning of the recession, people have been crawling out of the woodwork with their opinons on how to fix it. I have my own, which is the subject of this blog.

First off, I would like to define the term "recession" for those tossing it around without any idea what they are talking about. The official standard for a recession is two terms of negative growth in the GDP. The American recession of 2008 started following the third quarter of 2008. One private institution came out with the claim that we had been in a recession since December of 2007 on the back of the idea that they defined recession in a superior manner. It is really a way for them to have been the first to predict the recession so that they can say so later.

Second of all, I would like to point out one simple fact, one of the basic tenets of economics. The way to get out of a recession is by spending. This is the basis upon which the stimulus package, the proposed (and now shot down) tax cuts, and the government buying of troubled assets came from. There are theoretically better ways to mangae the economy (supply side economics), but they have never been perfected. Many have tried, they have all failed. To a man. Demand side economics is a proven method used to control the economy. This is the idea of increased spending.

Third of all, people buy more when prices go up. In fact, people buy enough more, in many cases, that it makes up for the losses of lowering prices. Remember this, it will be very important in the next paragraph. Price down, quantity bought up.

Therefore, the way for the government to get people to spend more and fix the recession would seem to be to lower prices. But, how can the government lower prices without practicing communism? In many states, there is a thing called sales tax. It is where the government adds a certain amount to the price of goods and services so that the government can make money. The logic seems to follow that the way to save America is to get rid of sales tax.

Now let's hear what the fair tax supporters have to say about that.

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